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Mark Bloom Balancing complex combinations of melody, harmony, and rhythm, Mark Bloom's arrangements transcend the musical ordinary. The tonal colors of his compositions create a musical backdrop to stories conveyed by lyrics that are part prose and part poetry.
Chanale Chanale is a singer, songwriter, recording artist and performer whose melodic and moving songs open the hearts and touch the spirits of women in communities everywhere. Her powerful performances excite and inspire all-female crowds in places as far as South America, Alaska and Israel, in schools such as Bais Yakov, Bais Rivka, and Hebrew Academy.
Steve Cohen Steve Cohen received his training at the Eastman, Juilliard and Manhattan Schools of Music, and has composed a large catalog of symphonic, chamber, liturgical and musical-theater pieces, including the operas The Cop and the Anthem (libretto by Alison Hubbard after the O. Henry story; available on rental from Theodore Presser) and La Pizza Del Destino (libretto by Joseph Renard).
Erik Contzius

Erik Contzius composes music for the synagogue, primarily in a classical style fusing nusakh hat'fillah with more contemporary musical expressions, for cantor, choir, and keyboard.

Mary Feinsinger Mary Feinsinger is a composer, arranger, music director, conductor, lyricist, vocal coach and performer. In June 2006, she conducted the .Broadway at the Y. Chorus spring concert at the 92nd Street Y, where she also ran the .Broadway Summer 2006 Sing-In. class.
Manel Frau-Cortes

The music Manel Frau-Cortes makes is eclectic, ranging from choral settings for liturgy to electronic meditation music. He is very influenced by Sephardic, Mizrahi, and Indian devotional music.

Yosl Kurland

Yosl Kurland writes Yiddish songs that express his understanding of Yiddishkayt -- what it means to be Jewish and seeing the world through Jewish eyes. His melodies are traditional style and all involve "lakhn mit trern," laughing with tears.

Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael , also

Rabbi Geela Rayzel Raphael's music ranges from country to blues, to chanting, folk  and even gospel. The G!d language pays homage to Lord as well as celebrates Shechinah. She is a creative Jewish liturgist, having won recognition in two Shalshelet song contests.

Shalshelet Shalshelet, the Foundation for New Jewish Liturgical Music, continues an ancient chain of tradition that honors the role of music in interpreting sacred texts. Shalshelet seeks to foster the creation of original music and to expose wider audiences to innovations in Jewish religious music.
Juliet Spitzer, also Juliet Spitzer's music is a blend of a little jazz, a taste of reggae, and a lot of folk and new age. The songs are inspirational originals as well as freshly interpreted traditional Jewish songs…all straight from the soul
Rabbi Zevit Shawn Zevit is a singer, songwriter, actor, performer and liturgist for over 20 years, performing around North America and the world. Shawn's music draws on many styles from folk to indie rock to traditional Jewish music to rhythm and blues and beyond.

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